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Call by Maggie Sharma
What would it take to bring about something akin to the Copernican Revolution in the practice of pulmonary medicine? We of WASOG are constantly aware of the need for change, for updating, for assimilating new concepts, in order to meet the challenges of the specialty. Nowhere is this more acute than for those who see patients with diffuse lung diseases, sarcoidosis, and vasculitis.  These disorders are often elusive and difficult to treat. They demand our utmost.Winston Churchill observed that, “Surely there never was an army which advanced like the army of science.” The central core of old knowledge remains while new research sheds ever more light in dusky corners; advances occur when people are brave, when they think and act creatively, with passion and dedication.  It is as often a group effort as an individual one.

The WASOG is a haven for cutting edge research and its clinical interpretation. This is a group of highly motivated, spunky researchers and pulmonary physicians not content to maintain the status quo, but who reach for discoveries that foster new technologies, expert methods of treatment, and imaginative leaps to help unravel the tangled web of complex diseases.

We want to swell our ranks. We want more input.  We want you! Whether you conduct research, see patients, or teach, you are vital to the success of this army of science. WASOG is a forum where your voice is heard; it is a place for you to contribute to the aggregate of knowledge, of patient care, of medical history.

How can WASOG benefit you?  We have conferences you will be encouraged to attend. For over 30 years, I and my late husband Om Sharma, a pioneer in the field, traveled several times to Europe, the U.K., Asia, South America, as well as the United States for meetings that remain indelible in memory. WASOG remains the warmest, most gemütlich, most exhilarating of all our professional associations, and where we formed life-long friendships and collaborations.  You will, too.  Our membership is worldwide, comprised of pulmonologists from every corner of the globe.

WASOG has a journal, Sarcoidosis, Vasculitis and Diffuse Lung Diseases. We urge you to submit articles. Some journals emphasize basic research that is often unintelligible to the average pulmonologist or too time-consuming to digest; others are devoted to clinical practice but forget to remind us of the golden information that led them to conclude what they teach.  Our journal provides the dynamic marriage of up-to-date research and clinical applications that will inspire you; case reports that will provide aha! moments, and stimulating letters to the editor.  We invite you to devise contributions unique to you. There are superb ethicists among you – a column addressing ethical issues facing today’s pulmonologists would help fellow physicians forge a path through thorny dilemmas.  Radiological vignettes, historical anecdotes, brief clinical observations are welcome. These features make the reader linger longer between the covers of the journal and contribute significantly to our community of sarcoidologists.

A glance at the disproportionately high incidence of eponymous diseases within our realm tells us that individual observations and research yield magnificent results. It is hard to overstate the importance of the pioneers who have built this vibrant organization. It will be equally difficult to honor you and your contributions in solving the riddles of baffling diseases that often afflict the most underserved among us.

Join our army of science and together let’s advance!

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Maggie Sharma