Webinar "New Advances in the Management of Sarcoidosis" with Dr. Dan Culver (2014)
Experts ring alarm bells about the materials we use for insulation. Do we have to worry too? Watch the dutch documentary (with english subtitles) 'How safe are the materials we insulate our houses with?' featuring Prof. Marjolein Drent (2013)
Get an impression or refresh your memory and watch videos of WASOGBAL 2011 (including some key lectures).
Prof. dr. Om Sharma: 'History of sarcoidosis and other ild' -2006, Maastricht, the Netherlands (SYMPOSIUM: 'Past, present and future of ild)'
Pulmonary Fibrosis  
The diagnosis pulmonary fibrosis raises a lot of questions regarding possible treatments, prognosis, heredity and so on. The dvd Living with pulmonary fibrosis tries to answer most of these questions. Dutch with English subtitles.
Pulmonary fibrosis causes a serious breathtaking situation. Lung transplantation might be the only option. Please realise what it means to offer someone a new chance saying after a transplant: "live!" Jenny Penders tells her own touching story. Dutch with English subtitles.