Historical pictures WASOG


1958 LONDON The first conference, organized by Gerry James in London, 1958. Front row: 1st on the left is Louis Siltzbach; 2nd from left is Sven Löfgren; 4th from left is John Guyet Scadding, honored guest of the conference. Gerry is on the far right standing.  Professor Ingrid Gilg was the only woman involved at that time.

1960 WASHINGTON DC. That’s Sven Lofgren (Sweden) on the left, and Martin Cummings on the right. Cummings organized the II International Conference on Sarcoidosis in DC that year.

1969 PRAGUE Ladislav Levinsky organized this meeting. 3rd from left: Harold Israel; 5th from left: Louis Siltzbach; 6th from left: Ladislav Levinsky; Far right: Gerry James and Yutaka Hosoda

1972 TOKYO, JAPAN VII International Conference on Sarcoidosis. Organized by Yutaka Hosoda.

From left:  First person – might be – Dick DeRemee, William Jones-Williams, Jude Turiaf, Gerry James, Harold Israel, Yutaka Hosoda.

1978 CARDIFF, WALES William Jones-Williams organized this meeting. Front row from left: Harold Israel, Louis Siltzbach, William Jones-Williams, Yutaka Hosoda; middle row from left: Sven Lofgren, Andrew Douglas, Gerry James, Ladislav Levinsky; back row from left:  Jude Turiaf, Al Teirstein, Jacques Chretien.

1989, PROFESSOR EULE FROM EAST GERMANY Professor Eule was able to come from East Germany to attend the conference (historical milestone). It was a profound experience for him, and for the group. Om Sharma, Professor Eule, Mrs. Kazue Hosoda.

1991 Introduction of WASOG flag Organized by S. Oshima, Kyoto. From left:  Om Sharma, Takateru Izumi, S. Oshima.

1993 LOS ANGELES Organized by Om Sharma. Lecturing: Gerry James.

1993 LOS ANGELES William Jones-Williams and Om Sharma.

1993 LOS ANGELES Gerry James and Al Teirstein.

2007 TOKYO, JAPAN Gerry James is notably absent now from sarcoidosis conferences.His health was compromised and he could no longer travel. This is the new wave of sarcoidologists.