WASOG Centers of Excellence

WASOG Sarcoidosis Center of Excellence refers to a multidisciplinary team of specialized medical and paramedical professionals with a shared specialized facility that has proven sustainability over years, and provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for sarcoidosis patients and professionals. It should contain sarcoidosis experts in at least two different disciplines.

WASOG is proud to present our top institutions that have achieved Center of Excellence status.




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Albany Medical College, United States
Cleveland Clinic, United States
Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Medical University of South Carolina, United States
National Jewish Health, United States
New Orleans Scleroderma and Sarcoidosis Patient Care and Research Center, United States
Northwestern Medicine, United States
Respiratory Diseases and Lung Transplantation Unit, Italy
Royal Brompton Hospital, United Kingdom
Ruhrlandklinik University Hospital, Essen, Germany
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Iran
St. Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein, Netherlands
University Clinic of Pulmonary Diseases, Belgrade, Serbia
University of Cincinnati, United States
University of Illinois Sarcoidosis Translational Advanced Research Center, STAR, United States
University of Iowa, United States
University of Minnesota, United States
University of Pennsylvania United States
University Paris-Nord, France
Virginia Commonwealth University, United States
Yale University - Winchester Chest Clinic, United States
Zentrum für interstitielle und seltene Lungenerkrankungen, Heidelberg, Germany
New Centers of Excellence (November 2020):

Hospital Clinic Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain

Centre for Neurosarcoidosis - London, UK

Comprehensive Sarcoidosis Program - Rochester, NY

East Carolina Univeristy Sarcoidosis Clinic - Greenville, NC

G.B. Morgagni Hospital - Forli, Italy

Interdisziplinäre Sarkoidose Sprechstunde - Zurich, Switzerland

Mayo Clinic - Rochester, Minnesota

Metro Centre for Respiratory Diseases - Noida, India

Mount Sinai New York - New York, NY

Sarcodiosis Clinic at Temple Lung Center - Philadelphia, PA

Sarcoidosis Specialty Clinic at Ohio State University - Columbus, OH

Stanford Multidisciplinary Sarcoidosis Program - Stanford, CA

The Emory Clinic - Atlanta, GA

UCLA - Los Angeles, CA

University of Alabama at Birmingham - Birmingham, AL

University of Florida Sarcoidosis Clinic - Gainesville, FL

University of Miami Sarcoidosis Program - Miami, FL

University of Rochester, Comprehensive Sarcoidosis Program - Rochester, NY

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and Parkland Health and Hospital System - Dallas, TX

UZ Leuven Gasthuisberg - Leuven, Belgium

The initial application process as a Sarcoidosis Clinic is required in order for clinics to then be certified as WASOG Center of Excellence. 
To apply to become a Sarcoidosis Clinic, click here.