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Learning case: Breathtaking Chocolate

It is well-known that contact with agents at the workplace may carry certain health risks. When employees of a particular firm fall ill, this might be coincidental, or might be related to those persons’ individual predispositions. But it is also possible that a number of employees have been exposed to the same triggers, causing their illness. How can such links be identified?

Dr. Jos M. Rooijackers (b. 9 March 1959) worked as a pulmonologist at Universitair Longcentrum Dekkerswald Groesbeek / UMC St. Radboud Nijmegen _ om 1991 to 2005. He received a PhD degree on the basis of his research into the pulmonary rehabilitation of patients with severe COPD. Since 2005 he has chaired the Stichting Nederlands Kenniscentrum Arbeid en Longaandoeningen (NKAL foundation, Dutch centre of expertise on occupational lung disorders) in Utrecht. NKAL is involved in clinical occupational medicine, by generating, disseminating and implementing knowledge regarding the diagnostics, treatment and prevention of occupationally relevant lung disorders. NKAL collaborates closely with the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS) of Utrecht University, the cardiopulmonary division of UMC Utrecht and the centre of expertise on ILD (ILD Expertisecentrum) at St. Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein. e-mail: j.rooijackers@nkal.nl; website: www.nkal.nl.



Breathtaking contacts a work, dr. J. Rooijakkers UK from de Firma Beeld on Vimeo.