Case Reports

Securing an accurate diagnosis and providing appropriate treatment of patients are essential elements of good clinical practice. In addition, sharing educational observations with colleagues improves patient care. Both clinicians and patients benefit from this knowledge if made available to them. Most of the medical journals are reluctant to publish case reports because of the fear that doing so will unfavourably affect the impact factor of the journal. It is therefore difficult to have good educational case reports published.

WASOG offers a platform to share your cases. Also, you can add comments to the published cases, for example when you have a similar case.


Our patient cases

We are currently re-programming our patient cases using the innovative and interactive patient case creator tool ePatCare®. This means that in the future, you will be able to use the cases online and offline on a variety of devices.


Instructions for authors

  • Download the patient case PowerPoint template for authors
  • Fill out the template
  • Include as many high-quality illustrations as possible
  • Please have a look at the published case reports below for examples

Please mail your case report to After peer review it will be published on this website.


Published cases

Neurological complications of Wegener’s granulomatosis (05-02-2014)

De novo heart failure and sarcoidosis associated with Infliximab treatment (09-17-2011)

Sarcoidosis: less common presentation (08-11-2009)

Adalimumab successful in treating refractory pulmonary sarcoidosis (06-05-2009)

Reversibility of refractory bronchiolitis caused by aspiration associated with achalasia (03-09-2009)

A case of pulmonary complication of sickle cells disease (02-14-2009)

‘Drug’-induced interstitial lung disease in a patient with a heterozygote P450 polymorphism (02-08-2009)

Improvement of cardiac sympathetic nerve function in sarcoidosis (02-08-2009)

A 15 year old girl with persistent hypoxemia and fine nodules on HRCT scan (02-08-2009)