How to treat sarcoidosis, illustrated by a case historyE-learning

How to treat sarcoidosis, illustrated by a case history

How to treat sarcoidosis?

There is an on line WASOG course available now!

This on line course is specially designed for physicians taking care of sarcoidosis patients.

Prof. Bob Baughman will illustrate the topic with a case history.

Do you want to expand your knowledge of how to treat sarcoidosis patients?

Do you want to acquire the skills needed for applying this knowledge into daily clinical practice and patient management as well?

Aims of this on line course

By means of following web lectures and the presented case study, reading recommended papers, 

and completing the test module (survey), you will learn:

  • the various options how to treat sarcoidosis
  • alternatives for corticosteroid treatment
  • how to deal with side effects
  • how to deal with dilemma’s in daily clinical practice

Video’s:  How to treat sarcoidosis? Illustrated by a case history

1.     Part 1, introduction

2.     Part 2

3.     Part 3

4.     Part 4

5.     Part 5

6.     Part 6

7.    Part 7, closure


Powerpoint presentation: PDF of the PPT used in the video's


Relevant literature:

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Sahoo DH, et al. Effectiveness and safety of leflunomide for pulmonary and extrapulmonary sarcoidosis. Respir J 2011; 38: 1145–50.



Please note: only WASOG members can apply for a certificate

A certificate will be offered after you successful completed the course.

This certificate you can use to apply for accreditation by a national scientific society of your own choice.

Workload: approximately 2-3 hours 


Free access

Free access is offered, the sarcoidosis treatment course module is free available (Password: BobB).


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